When you destroy the independence of the judiciary

September 3, 2017 9:18 AM

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When you destroy the independence of the judiciary

Kenya and its leaders are riding the tail of a tiger. An independent Judiciary is what protects us from State of Anarchy.

When we we go through another post-election violence, or tribally-instigated violence, the Judiciary will be our refuge. Countries in Africa like DRC Congo, Central African Republic, Somalia, South Sudan et al are failed States because they destroyed their judiciary.

It's sad that stage-managed defamation of the Supreme Court Judges is in high gear. The same people now hell-bent on destroying the judiciary will one day want its protection, and will be too late.

We may have our political differences, but we should never even think of pulling down the pillars of the Temple of Justice. The last time Samson did it, he pulled down the Temple and destroyed everyone under it. Then the Philistines and their false god, Dagon was reinstated.

When we all clap to the destruction of our Judiciary, and is destroyed, darkness will fall. Then, no one will hear or see those being robbed or killed or crying. Beware riding on the tail of a tiger, for it is hard to dismount.

Source: standardmedia.co.ke

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