How women's love for money kills marriages

November 22, 2013 1:11 PM

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From the word go, I implore the president to sign the Matrimonial Property Bill pronto. I know many women are rattled by the rationality of the Bill. However, rationality is not one of the virtues some women were gifted with.

The opprobrium is an act of selfishness from a certain class of women, mostly the educated and troublesome unmarried lawyers and those with feminist inclinations. The future of marriage is now pegged on unbridled consumerism and an unprecedented worship of crass materialism by women.

A friend lamented recently on Facebook: “Unlike days of yore, this Matrimonial Property Bill 2013 is indicative of how latter day marriages are defined: anticipating separation, divorce, cash dividends, property settlements et al. Sad.”

And one Ochieng Vincent aptly tweeted: “Walking away from a marriage was never an option during our parents’ time. That was their winning formula.”

It escapes me. When it is the cash or the property of men, women are very vociferous for a 50-50 sharing arrangement in the event of the marriage going south. Curiously when it is the woman who has accumulated the wealth and ended up with a stay-at-home hubby, the rule book has to be revised.

These double standards are what the Bill is trying to address and at least save men from a generation of women who love men who are tender with their legal tender.

Money has afforded women power to be promiscuous, fool around and behave like men at their worst when loaded.

This materialistic approach to relationships is the bane of modern marriages. Women want the best of both worlds. Keep their money, while recklessly raiding the bed mate’s account.

Women have the arcane ability to be shrewdly generous and scarily selfish simultaneously.

A woman can burn a man’s quid with a smack of self-righteous satisfaction. But for a man to use a woman’s money, he must swallow his ego, one that is normally the size of a small planet.

When it comes to flaunting power, nothing like Eve with cash and a title reminds Adam what a tiny nimble he is in the food chain. Many women still subscribe to 20th century dictum that a man’s mullah is for ‘us’ but her purse strings are hers alone.

Just why they were on cloud nine in the event of a divorce, they could milk half the empire you bruised your butt on the grindstone to build.


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