We need to be wary of wounded Marseille

November 27, 2013 3:26 AM

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We need to be wary of wounded Marseille

Tuesday's Champions League match with Marseille might be a decisive game for us. We can’t miss out.

I am wary because Marseille have been going through a pretty bad period but now they seem to be coming out of the woods a bit.

They played well against Napoli so we mustn’t be slack here. Just because they are already out doesn’t mean we don’t need to be careful. Anything else would be a big, big mistake.

We won 2-1 against Marseille but on the day they did not deserve to lose, I must say – I really do admit that.

We only had two chances in the entire game and they had plenty of them. They just missed them on the day and it didn’t go for them. They played very well.

I want better control of the game from my team than the first game in Marseille when we struggled a bit. We will have to put pressure on them.

For me Marseille are dangerous because they have nothing to lose, and the French love that situation – even more so when the team has the quality that they have.

Marseille played a good match away at Napoli and I thought they were unlucky to lose. As far as I am concerned we mustn’t underestimate them, but we must be careful.

I certainly think that Napoli have the ability to beat Dortmund in Germany in the other game in the group.

They are very dangerous on the counter-attack and have some extremely gifted players like Marek Hamsik and Gokhan Inler.

They also have a player in Gonzalo Higuain who can score at any time. This team can create a surprise, all the more so with Dortmund missing so many players.

Dortmund have lost many defenders recently. They have just lost Subotic and Hummels, and Hummels we know is vitally important.

The team is going to be a lot weaker without them. But when the ball is in midfield they are still going to be very dangerous because this is a great counter-attacking team.

If Dortmund don’t win this match they will be in a very difficult position - but this is Dortmund, a team who played the final last year and who are twice German champions.

They will be playing their last ace going into the match, but they will be playing with conviction.

Source: uk.eurosport.yahoo.com

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