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November 29, 2013 8:29 AM

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The current runaway fame that has made one Ken wa Maria an overnight regional celebrity would almost make an uninformed man imagine that this Benga artiste is another new artiste who ‘met’ fame.

How do you explain a one-phrase song sang in two minutes, with a catchy beat carrying the rest of the video’s four minutes, becoming an instant hit the moment it was posted on YouTube and attract over 65,000 views. I mean, this is a Benga singer who has Pulsers chatting about it the way they would Justin Bieber. Even more ridiculously, it is just sick trying to figure out how in the four-liner song has turned the most swagged-up Kenyan celebrity of 2013.

That is all urban Kenya is singing to the shock of Kennedy Wambua Nguze (for those are his real names) who composed and recorded the track while he was as high as a kite after a night of club over indulgence — so he confesses.

Over the last one week, Ken wa Maria has been receiving phone calls from leading uptown media houses seeking to interview him thanks to the wild success of Fundamentals, an English word that has now been acquired a meaning of its own in urban lingo to mean ‘Lover’— as in, ‘hey guys, meet my fundamentals’.

From the King of Genge Nonini, Octopizzo and P Unit, an endless list of urban celebrities are now lining up to do a remixed rendition with the man who for the last ten years has been recording his music down Rive River Road. A number of individuals and agencies want to manage his music. In many quarters, posting a photo with him on social media is a status symbol. He is the man of the moment. Ken wa Maria for president!

There is one major thing; no, two things other local artistes can learn from Ken wa Maria.


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