One shot dead, MCA, deputy OCS seriously injured by GSU officers

October 28, 2017 6:28 PM

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One shot dead, MCA, deputy OCS seriously injured by GSU officers

A 12-year old child died on Saturday (October 28) in Vihiga County during demonstrations that left several, among them the area MCA and deputy OCS, nursing serious injuries.

Central Maragoli MCA Evans Chunguli, who is admitted at Mukumu Mission Hospital, was beaten up by suspected GSU officers who were dispersing protesters who had attacked a businessman who was accused of ferrying ballot papers in his car.

During the chaos, the officers are said to have fired shooting the child and one of the locals who was rushed to Mukumu Mission Hospital with a bullet lodged in his leg.

Vihiga AP Commander Mohammed Kotsola confirmed the incident saying the MCA was apprehended for inciting the locals who destroyed the businessman’s vehicle in Mbale area.

Mr Chunguli, who was held for hours at Vihiga Police Station before being taken to hospital, sustained injuries on his legs, hands and shoulders.

Vihiga Governor Wilbur Ottichilo and Vihiga MP Ernest Ogesi visited the injured in hospital, where they accused police of brutalizing the locals for supporting the opposition.

“We have spent all the day at the police station fighting to have our MCA released from the police station and be taken to hospital. We want to tell Chebukati to go ahead and declare the winner based on the results they have. Vihiga did not participate in the election. Why brutalise our people?” posed Mr Ottichilo.

“They (GSU) were recklessly beating up our people. Even the deputy OCS was clobbered and his arm broken yet he had just come to see what was happening.”

Three police officers who were in plain clothes, among them Vihiga Deputy OCS Henry Recha, were injured by the said GSU officers who mistook them for protesters.


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