NHIS Service Providers Still Remain Unpaid

January 4, 2014 10:37 PM

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National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) service providers continue to struggle to come to terms with government as far as payment of their claims is concern.

Information gathered by spyghana indicates that service providers of the Scheme have still not been paid despite consistent claims by authorities of the scheme that it was paying all service providers.

This paper can say with authority that since government had since April last year ceased settling the debt owed the service providers without giving any reason.

As a result of the action by the government, spyghana has learnt that the service providers are beginning to run out patience as they are having hard times continuing to render services to patients covered under the Scheme.

Though the Health Minister, Sherry Ayittey had on several occasions intervened in threats of strikes by the service providers, things seem to be the same.

The National Health Insurance Authority [NHIA] has promised time without number that it claimed that it was initiating processes to ensure that service providers across the country are paid for their services, they are still left in limbo as they have not received payment for their services as promised by the NHIA.

Interestingly, since May 2013, the accounts of the service providers were still blank as the government had made no effort to settle its part of the agreement.

Checks by spyghana revealed that the NHIA owes the one hundred and eighty three health facilities under the Christian Health Association over 45 million Ghana Cedis, excluding that of the private hospitals and clinics as well as pharmacies.

This site has also established that the service providers who have been held in this situation may soon boycott rendering services to patients who visits their outfit with the NHIS card for treatment.

In 2004, the NPP Administration started the implementation of the Scheme to replace the existing cash and carry system as a way of moving the barrier to the provision of quality and accessible healthcare delivery.

Initially, service providers were paid on fee-for service basis, in May 2008, this changed to paying providers by a combination of Ghana- Diagnostic Related Groupings (G-DRGs) for services and fee-for– service for medicines through the claims process.

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Source: spyghana.com

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