December 4, 2013 3:58 PM

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Ja Rule has not left his wife for a man he met in prison. The Internet lied for lolz

This could’ve been fuckingamazing. But it isn’t true. A year and a bit since you lot had a massive go at us for claiming Frank Ocean as the first famous out gay rapper (HE HAS DONE A RAP. IT COUNTS) Twitter began screeching that Ja Rule of Put It On Me, Clap Back and Thug Lovin’ fame had left his wife to live with A MAN who he met in prison. But the story came from a spoof news website that people didn’t bother to read properly. Oh people. Not everyone can be Tom Daley.

“Tell us in the UK, Ja RULE ...... Is it true what your wife said on MTV!?”

“I don't know let me roll over in my bed and ask her if we're still together lmao...”

Source: holymoly.com

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