Drama as mother and daughter fight over village tycoon

December 22, 2013 7:10 PM

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A County representative in western Kenya and a sub-chief who happens to be her mother, caused a stir when they fiercely fought over a two-timing village tycoon. The off the wall incident shocked villagers and brought to light a secret love triangle between the county rep, her mother — a sub-chief — and a hardware dealer.

The mother rudely learnt that her daughter had turned tables on her and came out guns blazing. They both had been secretly dating the hardware man, who seemed to be doing well financially by local standards.

“When the county rep — who shares a home with her mother — got home that evening, she dropped the bomb shell. Unaware that her mother had been dating the hardware man, she revealed about her affair with the hardware dealer. She further told her mother that she wanted to make it public and take the relationship to the next level by getting married to him,” a witness told Crazy Monday.

The witness, who spoke to this writer on condition of unanimity, revealed that the county rep’s mother was so infuriated.

And in a bid to make her change her mind, the mother warned her against the hardware man terming him unreliable and a ‘player’— unfaithful.

The following day, the sub-chief went to the man, first thing in the morning, to quarrel him. She demanded to know why the man had been ‘using’ her and also having an affair with her daughter.

“So you think my daughter is better than me? I will teach you a lesson you will never forget,” she told him.

The hardware man dismissed her, calling off his clandestine relationship with her on the spot.

“You are here to yell at me? It’s over between you and me. After all, you have a husband, albeit an absentee one. Your daughter is young and fresh. Go to hell,” sneered the hardware man.

Upon getting wind of the drama that was unfolding at the hardware, the county rep hoped on a boda boda and arrived at the scene huffing and puffing. Unfortunately, upon her arrival, her mother had just left for home and she pursued her demanding to know why she (her mother) had gone to bandy words with ‘her’ man. The two got into a heated exchange and a cat fight ensued. The mother, who happens to be more built than her daughter, over-powered her and reigned terror on her. She injured her badly claiming she was responsible for her being dumped unceremoniously.

“The mother accused her daughter of going behind her back and soiling her good relationship with the hardware man. Were it not for the neighbours, the two would have killed each other that day,” the witness said.

The husband to the sub-chief, who resides in Kisumu, has not so far, come home to deal with the matter.

It is, however, alleged that upon getting tipped about what had transpired, he has threatened his wife with dire consequences upon his return before Christmas.

Source: standardmedia.co.ke

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