11 Pilot Whales found to be dead and Stranded in Florida Keys

December 11, 2013 12:34 PM

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On Sunday, December 8, 11 pilot whales were found dead and stranded in the Florida Keys. Officials are looking into the reason behind the death of these pilot whales.

As per officials, the whales that were found were females or young calves. Two of the whales that died were females and were pregnant. All these details were released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Fisheries Service on Monday.

Last week, a group of 51 whales were stranded in the Florida Everglades, which is nearly away 70 miles from the island. Of total of 51 whales, 11 of the whales, three males and eight females, have died.

Researchers are making efforts to find out whether these whales died because of some disease or not. Scientists were performing necropsies on Monday to find out the reason behind the deaths.

The 11 whales were malnourished. However, officers have yet to verify whether the deaths occurred because of some disease or due to extended time spent by them outside their natural habitation in the deep waters. As per the fisheries service, pilot whales usually eat squid at 1,000 feet underneath the surface or deeper.

Mase said, "We're being vigilant. There could be pilot whales in the area. It's very remote. There are a lot of islands where they could be. We're keeping our eyes open".

Source: newspoint.co.za

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